A short film by Rosa Beiroa



Carmeline tells the story of a young woman who finds herself drawn in a battle against time when her own body starts attacking her by ageing unexpectedly.

Behind the Story

Our film questions the relationship women have with ageing and our story is based on real experiences.

In order to do so, we have conducted filmed interviews as well as anonymous surveys where over 50 women between 27 and 75 years old, answered our questions. They shared with us the feelings and thoughts the process of ageing triggers in them, from personal experiences to the way they feel represented in society nowadays. We are now amending our script based on their testimonies and precious feedback.

Directed & Animated by
Rosa Beiroa

Written by
Alexiane Cazenave


Marketing & Communication:

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What we've done so far...

  • June 2019

    We've reached 40% of our target thanks to all of your support.

    We have started shipping the perks

  • 14 May 2019

    The crowfunding begins

    It’s time to jump in and launch the crowdfunding campaign! Exciting times ahead!

    Indiegogo campaign page

  • March 2019

    Rosa and Alexiane work on the storyboard and see the characters come to life on paper, it gets real and it’s thrilling!

  • December 2018

    10 amazing women kindly accepted to share on camera their feelings about ageing. The team interviews them over 2 days. It was eye-opening, fun and deeply moving.

    More about the interviews at our research page

  • September 2018

    The team grows as they expand the research, Ana (DOP), Susi (composer) and Rafa join the team.

  • June to September

    They start an ambitious research phase. They decide to get testimonies from women (from 30 years old onwards): they prepare an anonymous survey as well as filmed interviews, read lots of books and get in touch with charities.

  • December 2017

    Rosa and Alexiane come up with the idea of Carmeline and meet up with Ju who helps them start the production of the film. The adventure begins!

About the team

Rosa Beiroa

Director and animator.

An award winning filmmaker and artist, in her practice she explores movement and gesture, using the human body and elements from reality to interpret the workings of the subconscious mind. She has been working as a professional artist for the last 9 years and during this time, her work has been exhibited in places around the world. She started experimenting with moving image in 2017 and obtained an MA in Animation from the University of the Arts London. Her first animated film In our skin holds an extensive list of international festival selections as well as Best Animation, Best Experimental and Best European Short awards.

Alexiane Cazenave

Screenwriter and research lead.

She worked as an actress for over 10 years before shifting to her true love: writing. She has written shows to be performed by children in schools as well as scripts soon to be produced into films.

She recently won her first writing prize for her short story “a touch of green”, soon to be adapted into a film.

A big part of her work focuses on the subject of getting old, which lead Rosa and her to collaborate on Carmeline, where they both can explore their respective interests. They are also currently working on a series of a micro-films together.

Susanne Aubert


Ana Ladislau


Rosa's previous work

in our skin

Painting & Drawing